Beginning of Term III, 2023 Circular

Greetings our dear parents. We are thankful to God for keeping you and the children safe up to this day. We hope you had a wonderful time with your children. This day marks the beginning of third term for the 2023 academic year. Please take note of the following.

Please ensure that you have paid your child’s school fees, including the previous debts if any. No child will be allowed in school without paying school fees. The school fees amount is still 1,660,000 USh (one million, six hundred sixty thousand shillings only.)

You are encouraged to check your child and be sure that they have full, well-fitting school uniform, labelled with their own names. Kindly purchase new ones for those that have outgrown the ones they have.

Dear parents, please be informed that in an attempt to prevent unwanted substances from entering school, the following items have been banned; Cakes, biscuits, cookies, daddies, sweets, chewing gum and cosmos tablets. Any child who may need to be treated with cosmos will find it in the hospital. We apologize for the inconveniences caused.

S.4 Dedication and visitation day – Sunday, 8th October, 2023
S.1 Visitation and class day – Saturday, 21st October, 2023
S.2 Visitation and class day – Sunday, 22nd October, 2023
S.3 Visitation and class day – Saturday, 28th October, 2023
S.5 Visitation and class day – Sunday, 29th October, 2023
S.6 Dedication and visitation day – Sunday, 5th November, 2023

UCE examinations will begin on Friday, 13th October, 2023 while UACE will begin on Friday, 10th November, 2023.

S.1 and S.2 will break off on Saturday, 25th November 2023.

S.3 and S.5 will break off on Sunday, 26th November 2023.

Note: This circular has been amended to reflect the new visitation days and closing dates for S.1, S.2, S.3 and S.5 respectively.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

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