End of Term One Circular, 2023

This 5th day of May 2023 marks the end of the first academic term. Your cooperation throughout this entire period is highly appreciated.  


The learners have completed their diet for this period and they are expected to complete their syllabus ahead of schedule by the end of the year.

S.4, S.5 & S.6 students have been given reports, please endeavour to assess their performance and seek support where necessary.

S.1, S.2 & S.3 learners are under the new Lower Secondary Competence-based Curriculum and their reports differ from the old curriculum. For this new dispensation, the assessment is based on topics covered in the academic year, and the final summative assessment is given at the end of the year. As such the final report should be expected at the end of the third academic term, 2023.

Note: The S.1, S.2 & S.3 progressive assessments will be available on the school website on Monday, 15th May 2023. Download the entire report at your convenience.

UNEB registration for S.4 and S.6 has been undertaken except for a few students who do not qualify due to missing requirements. Any late registration will be penalized by UNEB; all those not yet registered should contact the school by Wednesday, 10th May 2023.

DIT; the S.3 students who chose to register for DIT Certificates this year, have also been registered. Those who are interested but have not paid registration fees should endeavour to do so before the next term begins.


Our learners participated in a variety of sports at regional and national levels with marked success. This holiday, a team will participate in the National Chess competitions to be hosted at SMACK, and other students shall participate in the Stanbic National Challenge. Please support the participating students to explore their talents.

The Prom function for candidates will be held on the 13th of May 2023.  Candidates are thus expected back at school on the 11th of May 2023 and be picked up on the 14th of May 2023 by 2.00 pm. Special circulars have been given to concerned students for each event, refer to them for more details.


Please note that school fees have been adjusted to UGX. 1,660,000/= for all classes. The small increment is meant to offset the annual inflation rate and to cover the increased employment costs. With pleasure, we recognize your appreciation for the improved student welfare, and we are committed to making improvements in all spheres.


S.4 and S.6, (Sunday 28th of May 2023).

S.1 and S.2 (Monday 29th May 2023).

S.3 and S.5 (Tuesday 30th May 2023).

We wish you a wonderful holiday & interaction with the learners.

– Katongole John (Head Teacher)

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