Circular for End of Term II, 2023

Greetings to you our beloved parents, guardians and well-wishers. Today 22nd August, 2023 marks the end of the second term of the 2023 academic year. We thank God for enabling us to go through the term.

All planned academic programs and activities for the term have been achieved. All learners were assessed and have received assessment reports. Senior four and six candidates also did mock exams and their results will be available by the time they report for third term.

We are glad to inform you that all our candidates were successfully registered for this year’s UNEB examinations. S.4 UCE exams will begin on 13th October, 2023 and S.6 UACE exams will begin on 10th November, 2023.

Dear parents, some of our children outgrew their uniforms, others tampered with them and there are those who abandon theirs in the school premises. Please ensure that your child has proper uniforms or purchase new ones where need be. Indecent uniforms will not be allowed in school as the students report back.

We thank you for the continuous endeavor to pay school fees in time. Those with fees balances are encouraged to clear before taking students for holidays. Also, please clear next term’s fees before children report to school to enable smooth running of the school programs.

We are hosting the national debate tournament which will take place from Saturday, 26th August, 2023 to Thursday, 31st August, 2023. Participants will go for holidays on Friday, 1st September, 2o23.

S.1 Visitation and class day – Tuesday, 24th October, 2023
S.2 Visitation and class day – Wednesday, 25th October, 2023
S.3 Visitation and class day – Friday, 27th October, 2023
S.4 Visitation and dedication – Sunday, 8th October, 2023
S.5 Visitation and class day – Tuesday, 31st October, 2023
S.6 Visitation and dedication – Sunday, 5th November 2023

S.4 – Sunday, 10th September, 2023
S.3 and S.6 – Saturday, 16th September, 2023
S.1 and S.2 – Sunday, 17th September, 2023
S.5 – Monday, 18th September, 2023

Third term will officially close on 1st December, 2023. Any adjustments will be communicated. We wish you beautiful moments with your children throughout the holidays.

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3 thoughts on “Circular for End of Term II, 2023”

  1. Thanks for the info but it doesn’t contain the school fees structure. Even the hard copy u gave out . Kindly share the school fees structure. Thanks

  2. Am Kintu Edgar a student of st Lawrence ss sond
    Am requesting for online learning and notes for S3

    Thank you for your support

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