Beginning of Term Two Circular, 2023

Greetings our dear parents/guardians. We thank God for keeping you and the children healthy up to this date. Today the 28th of May, 2023 marks the beginning of the second academic term. As we open the term, please take note of the following.


All students are expected to be well dressed in full school uniform as they report. For those students who have outgrown their uniform, and those who tampered with the ones they were given, you are advised to purchase new ones. Students will not be allowed to access dormitories with indecent uniforms.

Also note that a number of uniform items were abandoned in the dormitories as the students broke off for holidays and the owners may claim that they were stolen. Please follow up with the wardens and matrons to ascertain how true it is for those who report lost or stolen uniform.

Please ensure that your child does not carry any unacceptable or dangerous items as they enter school.


It has been noted that some boys intentionally damage/vandalize school property especially the dormitory walls. This is very unacceptable and all those that will be found in the affected dormitories will either identify the offenders or they will all serve the punishment, which will include paying a fine as will be determined by the school or even being expelled from school.


S.3 – Tuesday, 11th July 2023
S.2 – Wednesday, 12th July 2023 
S.1 – Friday, 14th July 2023
S.6 – Tuesday, 18th July 2023
S.5 – Wednesday, 19th July 2023
S.4 – Friday, 21st July 2023


Please ensure that you have fully paid your child’s school fees. No child will be allowed in school without paying fees.


All progressive academic reports for S.1, S.2 and S.3 were uploaded on the school website. Please check and follow up your child’s performance. You can access the reports via

NB: All those that paid for S.3 DIT registration are requested to get a refund from the class Career Master because the program was put on hold by the Ministry Of Education.

The term will end on 25th August, 2023.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

– Katongole John (Head Teacher)

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